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60-type cutting machine

Suggested retail price Negotiable Brand with the wheel model YX60
Cutting capacity 10mm-60mm No-load speed 800 (rpm) Rated power 5 (W)
Rated speed 1400 (rpm) No-load impulse None (spm) Power type AC power
Power supply voltage 380V Power 4000 (W) Saw blade diameter Car cut (mm)
60 parameters:
Serial number of key components specifications number of power brand / origin / manufacturer
1 main motor 3 level 1 4KW ordinary
2 Electrical System ECM Series AC servo 2 sets of 400W / 750W Delta
3 Display Touch screen TPO49-BL-CU 1 Delta
4 PLC DVP4ES2 / 40 1 set of Delta
5 screw / feed 20-5 1 root
6 screw / feed 20-10 1 root
7 rail type 25 4
8 Pneumatic Components 4V210 3 24V JRI
9 bearing 7016P5DBB / 2 pair
32022P5 5 pairs of Harbin Plant
YX60 series automatic pipe cutting machine adopts PLC to control servo feeding and servo cutting, the equipment work stably, the speed is fast, the precision is high, and there is no backrest to damage the end face of the product. Double clamping cylinder, feed chuck without long-term clamping, greatly improving chuck life. Cutting with the servo system protects the tool to the maximum. Standard single-feeding travel 100mm, can be multiple feeding and customized according to customer demand extension.
Cut the outer diameter
Work beat (with diameter 50mm as an example)
30 / minute
± 0.1mm
Spindle speed
600 rev / 800 rev / 1200 rev
Feed rate
Feeding 0-12 m / min, feed 0-2 m / min
Main motor
Y100-4 / 4KW / 1420 turn
AC servo
ASD-B2 750W / ASD-B2 400W
Pneumatic system
Pressure: 0.55-0.7Mpa / flow rate of 350 liters / min
1600 * 800 * 1600
net weight

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