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Brief introduction to the process of automatic pipe cutting machine

Release time: 2019/11/7 13:32:59

A good automatic pipe cutting machine not only involves the cost of the company's products, but also affects the efficiency of the work, so it is very important to choose a suitable automatic pipe cutting machine.

First of all, we must consider the degree of automation of the equipment. The process of cutting the pipe of the automatic pipe cutting machine includes feeding, clamping, feeding, retracting, re-clamping, cooling counting, etc. Now the pipe cutting machine has manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic automation. Pipe cutting machines of different degrees usually have the fastest automatic pipe cutting speed, and the manual cutting speed is the slowest. The more the manual operation process in the cutting process, the slower the pipe cutting speed.

Another point is that different automatic pipe cutting machines can process materials of different sizes; different materials, the required pipe cutting machine power may be different; the same pipe cutting machine, its 45 degree cutting The material size is often smaller than the 90 degree cut. The automatic pipe cutting machine can automatically clamp, feed, feed, set, set stop and work metering functions. The main circuit of the automatic pipe cutting machine is operated by the Japanese Mitsubishi PLC computer controller. Automatic feeding, clamping and cutting system, accurate and fast feeding, can cut 10-20 times per minute. Uses: Particularly suitable for cutting copper tubes, aluminum tubes, ultra-thin aluminum tubes, metal pen tubes, stainless steel tubes, plastic tubes, etc.
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