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How to control the cutting speed of the pipe cutter?

Release time: 2019/10/24 13:59:11

The laser cutting rate and laser cutting precision of the pipe cutting machine are the two main parameters closely related. Under the premise of considering the laser cutting precision of the pipe cutting machine, the pursuit of perfect speed can be deepened because the laser cutting service platform is short and uses both eyes. There is no way to tell if it exceeds the maximum speed. Under such a thing, people can use the simulation software of the mobile phone software used by the servo controller of the automatic cutting machine to check whether the motor speed ratio exceeds the maximum.

    The pipe cutting machine can be used for laser cutting of two-dimensional animation. The other half of the laser cutting includes raw materials such as metal materials, porcelain, plastics, stones, laminated glass and composite materials, and even can produce complicated and complicated microscopic appearance. Compared with other laser cutting methods, the pipe cutting machine can remove raw materials without heat, and promote the slag of raw materials to be washed by laser cutting water, which improves the high efficiency of laser cutting.

    The waterjet cutting machine is produced and processed by high-pressure technology. It only needs to pressurize the general drinking water to the working pressure of 250-400Mpa, and then spray it out according to the spar nozzle with the internal thread diameter of 0.15-0.35mm. An idle water jet of approximately 800-1000 m/s, which is a pipe cutter that can be used for laser cutting soft-based raw materials.

    Nowadays, the laser cutting precision that various mechanical equipment manufacturers can produce is usually ±0.2mm or less, but this can not be seen in the detailed introduction of the product manual. In the project acceptance, a detailed set of detailed procedures for detecting laser cutting precision is required. The accuracy of the specific laser cutting of the pipe cutter should be accurately measured. Under normal conditions, there is no need to cut the cutting speed of the cutting machine to improve the interaction rate; each axis can be separated and detected, or can be detected together. Another talk about the precision of laser cutting of the pipe cutting machine, which is usually specified below ±0.5mm for the construction industry; but for the automotive mirrors, it is specified below ±0.Olmm; laser cutting in steel plate processing The regulations are lower and higher.
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