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Automatic degree of automatic pipe cutting machine

Release time: 2019/10/16 12:34:29

     The degree of automation of the pipe cutting machine, the process of pipe cutting work includes feeding, clamping, feeding, retracting, re-clamping, cooling counting, etc. Now the pipe cutting machine has manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic cutting tubes with different degrees of automation. Machine, usually the automatic cutting speed is the fastest, the manual cutting speed is the slowest, the more manual operation in the cutting process, the slower the cutting speed.

     When the machine tool fails or has abnormal noise, the automatic pipe cutting machine should stop and check and handle it in time. When it is unable to process, report it to the maintenance personnel in time, and fill in the daily maintenance records of the equipment and record when the platform is stopped. All electrical faults are strictly prohibited from handling by the operator. Different automatic pipe cutting machines can process materials of different sizes; different materials, the required pipe cutting machine power may be different; the same pipe cutting machine, its 45 degree cutting material is often larger than 90 degree cutting should be small. Generally speaking, for relatively small iron pipes and copper pipes, the 275 model can basically be used; if cutting stainless steel pipes, it is recommended to consider 300 models or more.
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