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What is the deformation of the pipe cutter?

Release time: 2019/6/20 8:59:18

At present, many companies have problems in cutting nozzles when cutting stainless steel tubes, especially thin-walled tubes. To this end, many companies have a headache for this, because many pipe cutters on the market can not fully guarantee that the cutting nozzle will not be deformed! Then, today, Xiaobian will discuss why the pipe cutting machine is deformed. At the same time, recommend to you the secret weapon that cuts and does not deform! Automatic pipe cutting machine, pipe cutting machine manufacturers
We all know that most automatic pipe cutters on the market currently use a single oil clip design and multiple cutting designs. What causes this problem? The single oil clip design will cause the pipe to be pinched when clamping and cutting. Not tight, the pipe slips, causing the saw blade to burst, the nozzle is deformed, etc.; and the multiple cutting design will cause the clamp to be too tight when the pipe is clamped, resulting in deformation of the cutting nozzle at the nozzle.
In order to avoid the above problems, when the intelligent pipe cutting machine 180 was developed, it was decided to adopt an independent oil clip design to prevent the large pipe from rotating and reduce the deformation of the saw blade and the nozzle. The cut nozzle is the same as the original nozzle.
In addition, in order to save cost, the pipe cutting machine currently on the market adopts a single oil pump hydraulic system, which will cause the system to move quickly and slowly during cutting. It is difficult to accurately control and adjust, resulting in uneven speed during cutting and even colliding with the pipe. The situation is such that the cutting nozzle is deformed. To this end, when designing the intelligent pipe cutting machine 180, Longxin Machinery adopts a double-pump hydraulic system to independently adjust the pressure of the clamping and lowering blades to prevent deformation and pinch of the workpiece.
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