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Introduction to the function of the automatic pipe cutting machine

Release time: 2019/6/6 9:52:11

Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine Product Description: Automatic pipe cutting machine can automatically clamp material, feed, feed, fixed inch setting, fixed stop and work metering function.
Automatic feeding, clamping and cutting system, accurate and fast feeding, can cut 10-20 times per minute.
The counter can set the number of times of cutting, and automatically stops when the cutting is completed.
The total counter counts the workload record for one day. The total pressure, front, back and pressure can be adjusted without any step to ensure that the workpiece is not pinched and deformed. The length of the pipe is accurate to plus or minus 0.02mm, the cut gloss is free of burrs, and the fixture can cut 1-28 branches at one time.
The above introduction to the automatic pipe cutting machine is here, I hope to help you.
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