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Advantages of Clipping Length Before and After No Chip Cutting Machine

Release time: 2018-3-13 16:08:20

The swarf-free cutting machine is a pipe cutting configuration in which the pipe is clamped by two clamps and then cut. The clamp part of the pipe cutting machine is composed of a fixed (front) clamp and a movable (rear) clamp box. The base of the front clamp does not move, the rear clamp moves one after another, and the length is moved according to the step setting parameters.

    The non-chip cutting machine has a high-precision pipe cutting configuration. The front clamp guarantees the cutting accuracy, the holding surface and the cutting knife remain horizontal and vertical, and the cutting section is perpendicular to the horizon, so that the end faces of each pipe after cutting are kept parallel. If it is noticed that the offset knife phenomenon is serious when the tool is cutting, it can be disposed by grinding (or shimming) the step of the front clamp to move the block. The pad is fixed by the screw on the entire clip.


    After the fixture to ensure the accuracy of feeding, after the clamp in the pacing parameters configured, with screw and electromechanical with the move in order to guarantee the accuracy of cutting length. Usually 500mm length pipe cutting control 衙±±0.15mm.
    Only at the same time when the fixtures are clamped at the same time, the tool starts cutting. That is, the pipe is clamped tightly while cutting. Prevents cutting mistakes when the tube is shaken.
    The double clamp long fixed pipe cutting skill is a good step to deal with the higher cutting accuracy conditions. Advantages: High cutting accuracy, parallel sections and less burrs. And can kill the simple chamfer. Make the cutting and chamfering work one step.

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